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UAV Surveys & Aerial Inspections

MK Surveys’ CAA certified pilots are able to rapidly record accurate survey data safely and professionally using various UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) platforms, producing engineering grade deliverables.
Safety whilst undertaking any survey is our top priority and all UAV surveys are only undertaken once all risks on site have been assessed and mitigated.

Survey control is established on site for all UAV surveys, by GNSS and total station. This not only increases the accuray of the captured UAV data but also allows for additional surveying mothodologies to be utilised to enhance the deliverable should it be required with all survey data captured through the life cycle of a project combined to provide one complete deliverable to the client.

All survey deliverables are processed in house by our experienced surveyors, and the aerial data captured by our advanced aerial systems can be used to produce 2D and 3D topographical surveys and DTMs (Digital Terrain Models), building elevations and roof plans, 3D building models, immersive VR environments and visualisations, BIM and much more.

UAV Survey