Adoption Surveys, As Built Surveys, adoption of highways, construction verification surveys, mobile mapping, mobile scanning

Working in partnership with residential developers, local authorities and specialist consultants, we can provide As Built Surveys for the adoption of highways, sewers & Public Open Spaces.

We have extensive experience delivering As Built Surveys to all local adopting authorities, and after direct consultation with each, know their specific requirements each has for submitting As Built Surveys for adoption.

Highway Adoption

Section 38, 228 & 278 Agreements. As Built Surveys are coloured to the local authority standard, supported by Land Transfer Plans, Highway Inventories and Asset Specification Inventories where applicable.

Sewer Adoption

Section 102, 104 & 185 Agreements. As Built Surveys of sewers to be adopted by the local water authority, supported by Manhole & Sewer Record Cards and Deed of Grant / Easements plans where applicable.

Public Open Space

As-laid plans of the public open spaces detailing extent of the planting, new tree planting, footpaths, play areas, etc. All plans are provided to the standard required by the adopting authority, along with area calculations if required. We are also regularly asked to cross reference POS boundaries against those agreed with Land Registry to provide confirmation of the final as-built position.

Section 278
section 104